Representations in Digital Poetry, Beginning in Portugal

Artigo de Christopher T. Funkhouser sobre pioneiros da poesia digital em Portugal. [pdf]

Descrição > Representations in Digital Poetry, Beginning in Portugal – Chris Funkhouser (In: Cibertextualidades, 6, “Interacção de Linguagens e Convergência dos Média nas Poéticas Contemporâneas”, Org. Jorge Luiz Antonio & Débora Silva, 2014. Porto, Ed. UFP, pp. 55-60)

FROM THE INTRODUCTION: Something I always value in digital poetry and electronic (or multimedia) writing is how its materiality, or even what some might instead call a complex immateriality, is never a fixed or static entity. Rather, it constantly accumulates and forms, emerging with numerous variations and purposes. (…) Throughout the historical course of this discipline in Portugal, a wide range of approaches have emerged, up to (and including) those that have been introduced today.

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