ELO’17 Exhibits: Affiliations, Communities, Translations

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From the CFP: “Electronic literature is global. It creates a forum where subjects in the global network act out and struggle over their location and situation. Expanding our understanding of electronic literature communities and how literature is accounted for within diverse communities of practice; Case studies of individual communities as well as broader engagement with how communities form and develop, and how they interact with and create affinities with other communities; Comparative case studies: Artists’ books; Augmented and Virtual Reality; Perl poetry; Sound-video practitioners; ASCII art and Net.Art; Hacktivism/Activism; Memes and Fan Fiction cultures; Minecraft, Twine, Bots and Indie Gaming; kids’ e-lit; and how these practices are connected to electronic literature. Performances engaging with the diversity of practices in electronic literature and affiliated communities, as well as their critical awareness of network aesthetics.” (Rui Torres and Sandy Baldwin)

Exhibit Communities – Signs, Actions, Codes @ Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, curated by Bruno Ministro and Sandra Guerreiro Dias.

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Digital statement > https://po-ex.net/elo17/communities/statement/

[Jason Nelson, Bruno Ministro, Sandra Guerreiro Dias, Nuno Neves]

Visual and Graphic Communities

Ian Hatcher, Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin, Abra: a living text, 2015 – http://www.a-b-r-a.com/press/

Johannes Heldén & Håkan Jonson, Evolution, 2014 – http://www.textevolution.net/

Elizabeth Hobbs, G-AAAH, 2016

César Figueiredo, Untitled, 2017 – https://po-ex.net/taxonomia/transtextualidades/metatextualidades-alografas/cesar-figueiredo-biografia

Performing Communities

Sauti ya wakulima team, Sauti ya wakulima, 2011-ongoing – http://sautiyawakulima.net/bagamoyo/about.php?l=1

Fernando Nabais, Fernando Galrito & Stephan Jürgens, .txt, 2008-2009 – https://po-ex.net/taxonomia/materialidades/performativas/nabais-galrito-jurgens-ponto-txt

María Mencía, Jeneen Naji, Christine Wilks & Zuzana Husárová, The Upside-Down Chandelier, 2013 – https://elmcip.net/creative-work/upside-down-chandelier

Miguel Azguime, Itinerário do Sal [Salt Itinerary], 2003-2006 – https://po-ex.net/taxonomia/materialidades/performativas/miguel-azguime-itinerario-do-sal-video

Américo Rodrigues & Jorge dos Reis, Trânsito Local Trânsito Vocal, 2003

Coding Communities

Gabriel Rui Silva, Big-Bang, Poesia! [Big-Bang, Poetry!], 1992 – https://po-ex.net/taxonomia/materialidades/performativas/gabriel-rui-silva-big-bang-poesia

Ishac Bertran, code {poems}, 2012 – http://code-poems.com/index.html

Various ASCII artists / Totally anonymous web users and ASCII artists under nicknames, ASCII art – selected works, 1980s onwards

Mez Breeze, Mezangelle (emails from 7-11 mailing list), 1998-1999 – https://anthology.rhizome.org/mez-breeze

Jesper Juul, 4:32, 2010 – https://www.jesperjuul.net/ludologist/432-my-conceptual-game-from-the-global-game-jam

Jason Nelson, Myopic Blossoms, 2017 – http://www.secrettechnology.com/myopic/