Voice, The Impossible

Text by Jelena Novak about ‘Itinerário do Sal’, by Miguel Azguime. [Link]

Excerpt > Azguime’s performance in Salt Itinerary includes talking, mumbling, yelling, reciting, simulating writing, making percussive sounds. It also includes invisible, but audible, electronic interventions made by the author/performer by means of hidden sensors attached to his body, over the sounds produced on stage. His “natural speech” is constantly upgraded by his interventions, using samples of his own voice, processing them, making loops and superimposing processed sound on the live performance. His speech is about the absence of the author, sound, silence, text, body, alienation, voice. Being the author of the text and the music and actor only in the live performance on stage, Azguime is in a position to make a virtuoso questioning of the ideas of authorship of music and libretto in this opera.

Link > http://www.mic.pt/critica/jnovak_itinerario_do_sal_en.html

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