Threshold Drafts

Chapbook by Bruno Neiva. [Description. Links. Images]

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Details > Threshold Drafts, inkjet print on paper, saddle stitch, softcover, 13.8 x 21.7 cm, 16 pp., This Is Visual Poetry, Kingston, NY, USA, Aug. 2011.

Description > Threshold Drafts is a short collection of 16 black and white visual poems published in the chapbook series This is Visual Poetry, edited by Dan Waber. In Threshold Drafts, language is systematically deformed to the point of illegibility.

Included in the author’s anthology Selected Text Art 2010-2020 (Hesterglock Press, 2021)

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Publication History > Threshold Draft 2, Threshold Draft 3, Threshold Draft 4 and Threshold Draft 12, Synapse International, Oceano, CA, USA, Feb. 2018.

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[We are grateful to Bruno Neiva for the authorization that allowed this entry to be made available in the PO.EX Digital Archive]