Between Code and Motion: Generative and Kinetic Poetry in French, Portuguese, and Spanish

Artigo de Manuel Portela sobre poesia cinética em Portugal, Espanha e França. [Ligação]

In > Romance Notes, 51.3, UNC-CH, 2011, pp. 305-333.

From the introduction > One of the most important European groups of electronic literature, L.A.I.R.E. (Lecture, Art, Innovation, Recherche, Écriture), was formed in France in 1989. Philippe Bootz, a founding member of L.A.I.R.E., is one of the leading practitioners and theorists of programmed literature in Europe. His theoretical writings address the pragmatics of writing and reading programmed works, a topic that is also a thematic and structural element in several of his works. He has attempted to model digital textuality by describing the relations between author’s field, work’s field, and reader’s field in programmed works. For Bootz, the grammatical productivity of computer code and the perceptual display of transient signifiers should be studied in their interrelations.

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