A Bibliography of Portuguese Experimental Poetry

Journal of Artists' Books 32

Bibliografia de autores PO.EX, coligida e preparada por Rui Torres e Manuel Portela no JAB. [Ligação]

In > Journal of Artists’ Books, Número 32, Columbia College Chicago, Center for Book and Paper Arts, pp. 32-35. Fall 2012. ISSN 1085-1461.

Abstract > The following bibliography does not aim at being exhaustive, but rather to provide readers of the Journal of Artists’ Books with a basis for understanding how the poetic production of the PO.EX group (EXperimental POetry) has dealt with questions of materiality that challenge conventional concepts about book form and page layout. This bibliography thus includes manifestations of experimental Portuguese literature such as: concretism, visual poetry, graphic poems, experimental fiction, artists’ books, and poematic objects. We also provide references to some of the most relevant exhibits, magazines, and anthologies.

Ligação > https://www.journalofartistsbooks.net/copy-of-jab26-30