Table of Contents I

Trabalho visual de Bruno Neiva. [Ligação. Imagens]

Built from lexical operations that depict the arbitrariness of language on digital media, Table of Contents I – devoted to the notion of “gender” – is the first part of a series of indexes to unwritten books on social constructs. Table of Contents I has been produced to look uncannily like a uni handout. It has been sloppily printed and stapled in the corner, rubber stamped DUBBLETT (Swedish for “duplicate”) in red and comes in a brown cover sheet which is held by a paper clip.

Descrição > Table of Contents I, inkjet-printed stapled sheets paper-clipped to a brown cover sheet, 14.6 x 21.9 cm, 12 pp., Timglaset Editions, Malmö, Sweden, edition of 60 copies.

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