Groundsound Vol. I (2019) – Poesia Sonora

Groundsound Vol. I (2019) - Poesia Sonora

LP organizado por Enzo Minarelli com poesia sonora dos anos 1970 e 80. Com participação de António Aragão. [Capa. Ligação]

Editora: Second Sleep Date | Data: 2019 | Formato: LP | Editor: Enzo Minarelli

Organizada pelo poeta sonoro italiano Enzo Minarelli, Groundsound vol. I é uma colectânea das mais relevantes obras de arte sonora dos anos 70 e 80. Referência de Enzo Minarelli a António Aragão, representante português na colectânea:

The Portuguese Antonio Aragão is a historical figure of the Lusitanian avant-garde. He was a cultural agitator, and it could not have been otherwise given the historical events Portugal went through during the years of the dictatorship until the triumph of democracy. He is perhaps best known as a visual, rather than sound, poet. I like to remember him how he was when we met in Mexico City in the early Nineties, his quality as a sound poet. In this LP, released for the first time, is a rare sound poem of his performed by a theatrical group of his trust.

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A1 – Ilse Garnier – Horloge – 4:23
A2 – Bernard Heidsieck – Canal Street N.3 – 3:22
A3 – Bernard Heidsieck – Canal Street N.9 – 0:47
A4 – Henri Chopin – Chercher – 7:24
A5 – Terry Fox – Suono Interno – 5:38
B1 – bpNichol – I’d Love Just Once To See You In The Nude – 3:29
B2 – bpNichol – Beach At Port Dover – 1:34
B3 – António Aragão – Povo/Ovo – 8:47
B4 – Peter Finch (2) / Bob Cobbing – Blue – 7:28