Vozes pictóricas: Um estudo da Poesia Experimental e dos limites da legibilidade na criação de novas conotações e campos visuais partindo do desenho tipográfico

Dissertação de Mestrado de Sofia Santa-Rita Campinos Poças. [Abstract. Ligação]

Abstract: “I like the idea of a word becoming a picture, almost leaving its body, then coming back and becoming a word again”. (Ruscha, 2013) This is a reflection on dialogue. A project that sets out to explore the friction between signifier and significant, between design and art. Here the letter takes its primacy. Thus, these references concluded in the whole plastic potentiality of the alphabet and the plurality that these same letters are bound to represent. Typography as its core does not solely represent a literal translation of the world around us as such: an explanation or subtitle, as its all the more endowed with an inherent strand, a pulsion of proximity between art and observer. The letter predicates on a conversation and provokes a dialogue, a proximity derivative of its familiarity, whether being legible or apparently illegible. Thus, the observer sees and recognizes itself in the piece. Textually we resort to the act of looking. A look that is neither analytical nor photographic, but detached from its own object. In addition to the study of the alphabetic-visual expression inherent in /and arising from any experience, a subsequent exploration of the layers that make up the constituted images is offered. We find ourselves in limbo between content and form. Written content, drawing form. It is intended, therefore, to point out possibilities and counteract the stagnation of the alphabetical code trough the designing three alphabets, that take upon the pictorial exploration of typography as a starting point. The homage to the concrete poetry movement is present because there is an approach to every word and letter as an existent object in space. In this way, three paths as distinct as complementary are chosen: – A first alphabet based on a purely typographic construction – A second alphabet with its genesis in the calligraphic stroke; – A third hybrid alphabet that explores the tension between these two poles. This tension, unfolds and translates into several dichotomies such as: photo-video, projection-print, digital-analog, static-dynamic, serene-frenetic, said-made, written-read, etc

Projeção “Vozes Pictóricas” apenas disponível para consulta na Biblioteca da Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Universidade de Lisboa

URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10451/59484

Dissertação de Mestrado em Práticas Tipográficas e Editoriais Contemporâneas, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2022. 14-Jun-2023.