Meaning in Flux: Romance and (re)mediation in Gabriel Rui Silva

Sandra Guerreiro Dias, Meaning in Flux: Romance and (re)mediation in Gabriel Rui Silva

Apresentação de Sandra Guerreiro Dias na conferência Besides the Screen 2020. [Vídeo. Ligação]


Gabriel Rui Silva (b. 1956) is a Portuguese poet and performer who is part of the second generation of Portuguese experimental poetry (PO.EX). He is the author of the performance romance, a long exercise of radical experimentation between visual poetry – the text “romance” – and its corresponding visual performances throughout the decade of 1980. The process contains symmetric moments of destruction (called “uninstallation”), which embody a dynamic of opposites, light and dark, that fulfills the ontological premise of the intrigue announced at the first moment, the romance itself, in 1982.

This presentation focuses mainly on the study of four recently found videos which correspond to four of the seven moments of the intervention, namely: “As 24 Pedras” [The 24 stones] (Lisbon, 1987), “Conversa entre Gutenberg e Marconi numa Estação de Caminhos de Ferro” [Conversation between Gutenberg and Marconi at a railroad station] (Lisbon, 1987, one week later), “Lembro-me Perfeitamente de Como Tudo Começou” [I perfectly remember how it all started] (Amadora, 1988), and “Orbis Sensualium Scripturae” [The sensual world of writing] (Setúbal, 1988). As intermedial utterances, the poetic and performance-based artifacts of the above-mentioned poet compose a radical approach to explore multimodal and performative potentialities of text and performance. In particular, I aim to approach and enlighten the iterations and transformations of these works of art conversions and experimentations from written text and performance art to an (im)material displacement epistemology based on the generative potential of meaning, regardless of its material composition and manifestation. I will thus address these poetic and media experimentation performances of Gabriel Rui Silva as a field of discursive and performance experimentation between text, body and media towards a performative and intermedial epistemology of language.

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