please combine me combine please me: A Collection of Factorial Literature [l!]

Texto de Álvaro Seiça sobre a colecção de literatura factorial por ele criada e curada na ELMCIP Knowledge Base, onde estão representados vários autores e obras deste Arquivo. [Texto. Ligação]

Seiça, Álvaro (ed.). “please combine me combine please me: A Collection of Factorial Literature [l!]” ELMCIP KB (Sep. 11, 2013). Originally published in

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please combine me combine please me is a collection that takes on the concept of factorial literature [l!] as a transtemporal genre. Taking into consideration the essay “A Literatura Factorial [l!]” (Seiça 2013) as a starting point, this collection of resources selects literary works that have a permutational structure of composition, in addition to critical writing that has addressed this domain, specifically in the case of factorial poetry [p!].

Being the intrinsic nature of these works concerned with combinatory practices, I acknowledge here the fact that combinatorial poetics is an art that has been developed throughtout the ages. By selecting a wider number of literary artifacts, I am expanding the initial analysis I had done when defining the term “factorial literature [l!]” (2011).

As Christopher Funkhouser states, “All works of text generation, or archetypal computer poetry, can be seen as performing some type of permutation in that they transform or reorder one set of base texts or language (word lists, syllables, or preexisting texts) into another form.” (2007: 36) To render the question of combination and permutation more debatable, among other used sources, I consulted the frequencies of specific tags in the ELMCIP database. As of August 26, 2013, here are the searched tags by frequency: permutations (1), permutation (3), poetry generation (6), recombinant (6), text generation (7), combinatory poetics (8), text generators (8), generator (8), procedural (13), combinatory (16), generated poetry (17), combinatorial (21), algorithmic text generation (22), generative poetry (23), poetry generator (28).

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