«A Literatura Cibernética 1» by Pedro Barbosa [Review]

Álvaro Seiça, «A Literatura Cibernética 1» by Pedro Barbosa [Review]

Recensão de livro de Pedro Barbosa por Álvaro Seiça. [Ligações]

[This review by Álvaro Seiça was first published @ I ♥ E-Poetry, coordinated by Leonardo Flores. I ♥ E-Poetry collaborates with po-ex.net in the dissemination of Portuguese electronic literature.]

Excerpt > Pedro Barbosa’s pioneering work introduced computer-generated literature (CGL) in Portugal in 1975. Having worked with Abraham A. Moles at the University of Strasbourg, Barbosa published three theoretical-practical volumes of his programming experiences with the FORTRAN and BASIC languages. These volumes deal with combinatorics and randomness, developing algorithms able to ally computing and literary production, bearing in mind a perspective of computational text theory.

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