Future developments

The projects that made possible the creation of the PO.EX Digital Archive ended in February 2012. And thus, funding from FCT and EU, which has allowed us to contract services, human resources (scholarships, consultants), and dissemination (missions) has ended as well. While new forms of funding does not arise, maintenance and ongoing management of this Archive is guaranteed by Rui Torres, with the unconditional support, friendship and patience of the authors represented here. (Thank you!)

Po-ex.net is a member of CELL-Consortium on Electronic Literature, of the ELO-Electronic Literature Organization. The Consortium on Electronic Literature is an initiative aimed at developing partnerships among organizations, universities, and publishers for the purpose of sharing research in the area of electronic literature. CELL stems from a desire to establish cooperative communication among databases devoted to electronic literature worldwide. In a word, the goal of CELL is interoperability.

Members of CELL :

  • ebr – Electronic Book Review
  • ELMCIP – Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice
  • Hermeneia – The Literary Studies and Digital Technologies Research Group
  • I ♥ E-Poetry
  • LIKUMED – LIteratur KUnst und neue MEDien
  • NT2 – The Canadian Directory of Electronic Literatures
  • PO.EX – PO.EX’70-80 – Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature

Representants of Po-ex.net in CELL:

This project has the institutional support of University Fernando Pessoa.

And what now, José? > Now we are motivated to continue. So we are interested in finding new partnerships and fundings in order to ensure a sustainable development of this Digital Archive…

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