Ballroom Etiquette

Maria Brito and Bruno Neiva, Ballroom Etiquette

Visual work by Maria Brito and Bruno Neiva [Description. Images]

Details > Ballroom Etiquette, Maria Brito and Bruno Neiva, risograph on recycled paper, saddle-stitched, softcover, 10 x 14 cm, 46 pp., Team Trident Press, Manchester, UK, Nov. 2020, edition of 150 copies.

Description > In Ballroom Etiquette, Victorian etiquette rules for ladies meet manhandling and close combat techniques for the police and the military. This détournement results in a set of 23 illustrated ballroom etiquette rules for gentlemen where combat moves are turned into a pantomime of absurd courtesy and good manners. Ballroom Etiquette is both a parody of and a statement against state violence and gender prejudice. Printed on recycled paper with soya-oil based inks on an MZ risograph duplicator. Cover finishing: thermography powder embossing.

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[We thank Bruno Neiva for the authorization that allowed these images to be made available in the PO.EX Digital Archive]