Poems Without Words

Book by Fernando Aguiar with poems created between 1991 and 1992. [Images. Links. Review]

Description > Poems Without Words, 164 pages, perfect bound, size 148×180 mm, b/w print with a colour cover. Out of Stock.

Timglaset makes free pdfs available of all books and zines that have gone out of print, as is the case with Fernando Aguiar’s book, whose pdf can be downloaded here: https://48599fb4-e1d8-4b34-8b5d-bd6ea6b15def.filesusr.com/ugd/be28a7_432480d3de614dc5baa410d8ac22a75e.pdf

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Fernando Aguiar is a magician and Poems Without Words is testament to his ability to create something beautiful, baffling and funny out of the smallest particles of language. These 103 minimalist poems investigate the aesthetic, communicative and structural potential inherent in single letters, punctuation marks and graphemes. Playing with scale and shape Aguiar lets us encounter the atoms of language in their full glory.

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