DIGITAL POETRY POLITICALLY PROGRAMMED: Kathrin Passig, Álvaro Seiça and Nick Thurston [Poesiefestival Berlin, 9 June 2020]

Álvaro Seiça, DIGITAL POETRY POLITICALLY PROGRAMMED: Kathrin Passig, Álvaro Seiça e Nick Thurston [Poesiefestival Berlin, 9 Junho 2020 17h30 (pt)]

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Performance, Reading • 2020-06-09, 6:30 PM (Berlin, Germany UTC+02:00)

The works being presented are threefold born-digital – they are generated by and with the machine. They explore the possibilities of language, poetry and communication in the digital age. And they draw attention to the problems, be it with an explanatory gesture or by way of activism, inherent in the social, political and social accompanying phenomena of the digital age.

The “brave new world of work” of Industry 4.0, the cracks in the collaboration between human and machine, the dynamics of social media or the machine room of language in Parliament.

Nick Thurston presents poems which have been crowd sourced and outsourced using “artificial artificial intelligence” and machine translation; Kathrin Passig generates an unpolitical politics cut from plenary minutes of the German Bundestag and Álvaro Seiça lets news streams from social media meet present-day refugee streams.

Languages: English, Portuguese, German with subtitles

Hosted by: Hannes Bajohr

Curated by: Annette Gilbert

Project organiser: Jutta Büchter

with Kathrin Passig (Germany), Álvaro Seiça (Portugal), Nick Thurston (United Kingdom)