Hommage à Guy

Bruno Neiva, Hommage à Guy

Installation by Bruno Neiva at the Centro Torrente Ballester, Ferrol, Spain. 18 objects placed on a table, in dialogue with Guy Debord. [Video. Images. Link]

Details > Hommage à Guy, 18 pieces, mixed media, overall display dimensions variable, 24th Máximo Ramos International Award for Graphic Arts, Torrente Ballester Centre, Ferrol, Spain, 10/06/2016 – 10/09/2016

Description > Set of 18 ephemeral pieces with inscriptions alluding to the work of Guy Debord.

Exhibition history > dérive and nous/vous/personne, inkjet print on paper, Blackpool Lights 2016, Blackpool, UK, 02/09/2016 – 06/11/2016

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  • http://www.centrotorrenteballester.com/ctb_web/

[We are grateful to Bruno Neiva for the authorization that allowed this entry to be made available in the PO.EX Digital Archive]