The creation of a taxonomy for organizing and classifying a diverse array of materials such those that constitute the digital archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature is a challenging task for the researchers. Our system for organizing a selected corpus combines several typologies of classification, organized in two main areas: Materialities and Transtextualities.


The medium of the items, i.e., their material nature.

Performative > Readings and other artistic practices which are performed live with the possibility of audience participation: Audio recordings, Photographs, Video recordings of live Performances, Readings and Plays, as well as their Preparatory texts.

Planographic > Bidimensional works presented on flat surfaces using various techniques of inscription: Calligraphies, Collages, Drawings, Paintings, Printing, Digital Printing, Electrographies, Engravings, Letraset, Letterpress, Serigraphies, Stencils, and Typescripts.

Digital > Works produced by computational processes (generative, permutational, intermedia, etc.), as well as their related documents: Codes, Emulations, Preparatory texts, Printed texts, Recreations, and Rereadings.

Three-dimensional > Permanent or ephemeral three-dimensional works presented or installed in art galleries, buildings, parks, and other private or public spaces: Artists’ Books, Assemblages, Installations (Photographs, Preparatory Texts), Object-poems, Sculptures.

Phonographic > Works that were originally conceived as sound recordings, as well as related documents: Typescripts, Phonograms, Scores, and Preparatory texts.

Videographic > Works that were originally conceived as videopoems or other kinds of videoworks, as well as related documents: Storyboards, Videograms (Preparatory texts, Photographs), Videograms.


System of “relations” which includes reflexive manifestations of the symbolic systems involved.

Autograph MetatextualitiesTexts about the works and artistic practices produced by the authors themselves: Afterwords, Articles in Magazines and Journals, Articles in Newspapers, Books and Monographs, Chapters in Books, Critical Essays, Documentaries, Interviews, Introductions, Manifestos, Prefaces, Reviews, Theses and Dissertations.

Alograph MetatextualitiesTexts about the works and artistic practices produced by agents other than the authors: Afterwords, Articles in Magazines and Journals, Articles in Newspapers, Books and Monographs, Chapters in Books, Critical Essays, Documentaries, Interviews, Introductions, Prefaces, Reviews, Theses and Dissertations.

ParatextualitiesTextual elements that help to frame works and artistic practices: Catalogues, Covers, and Posters.

HypertextualitiesTexts that are explicitly derived from other texts: Citations – textual fragments from different sources -, Parodies and pastiches, as well as all texts that rewrite or explicitly refer other texts.


This area of the Digital Archive of PO.EX aims to disseminate exhibitions, shows, cycles and other activities related to Portuguese Experimental Poetry.

Ana Hatherly: Anagram of Writing

The «Ana Hatherly: Anagram of Writing» cycle took place at Cais do Sodré, Lisbon, between 06-30-2016 and 06-07-2016, during the Festival Silêncio 2016, having as Commissioner Manuel Portela.


Presentation and Remixing of the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature. Five (5) sessions with debate and audiovisual remix by Retroescavadora – an artistic intervention collective. Guests: André Sier, Bruno Ministro. First Saturdays from January to May 2015, at 5:00 p.m., at Livraria Gato Vadio, Porto.

Collective Exhibits

Collective exhibits involving authors or works related to experimental poetry, in museums, galleries or other spaces.

EV.EX – Experimental Évora

A co-production between Oficina do Espírito and Évora City Council in support of Évora’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.

Individual Exhibits

Individual exhibits of authors related to experimental poetry, in various museums, galleries and other spaces.

In the PO.EX Writings

The cycle “In the PO.EX Writings” took place in Casa da Escrita, in Coimbra, between 2012 and 2013, having as Commissioner Jorge Pais de Sousa.

Guided Tours to the Archive

The PO.EX Spaces section invites researchers, digital curators and other interested parties to use the works available in this Archive for the creation of virtual exhibitions.



Remote idealizations and achievements; pioneers; aesthetic and material antecedents of experimental poetry. Included in this category are the visual texts of the 17th and 18th centuries – Labyrinths, Acrostics, Anagrams; but also some texts of Futurism and Dadaism that tended towards visuality.

Artist Books

A form of artistic expression that transcends traditional concepts of the book, through the creation of unique or multiple pieces. This experimental and conceptual approach treats the book as a work of art, exploring its materiality, structure, and interactive capacity.

Electrography and Copy Art

Intersemiotic form based on the creative exploration of the photocopier, problematizing the processuality and performativity of the instruments, machine and materials thus promoting a synthesis between the literary and visual arts that extends to the field of technology in its reflection on medial inscription, appropriation and reproduction.

Experimental Fiction

Form of narrative, prose, or fictional structure based in a non-linear organization of the signifiers, promoting the fragmentation of traditional narrative diegesis, as well as the use of unexpected relationships between writing, sound, and image – as well as its relationship at the level of meaning.

Concrete Poetry

Form of poetry based on the spatial organization and constellation of signifiers, leading to the abandonment of lines and stanzas as major rhythmic-formal units which are replaced by homologies and iconic relations between writing, sound, image and meaning.

Digital Poetry

Form of poetry that uses the computer as a creative machine, thereby promoting a symbiosis between artist and machine based on the exploration of combinatorial, random, multimodal and interactive algorithms. (Also known as: Cybernetic poetry; Electronic poetry; Cyberliterature).

Performance Poetry

Form of poetry based on multidisciplinary live action, thereby extending the poetic field to the expressiveness of the body and to the social and spatial context of the performed action. (Also known as: Perfopoetry; Poetry-performance; Performance; Poetic action).

Spatial Poetry

Form of poetry based on intersemiotic processes in which various sign systems (visual, audible, verbal, kinetic, performative) and materialities (three dimensional, objectual, media) are invoked and used in an expressive way.

Sound Poetry

Form of poetry based on the expressiveness of the phonetic aspects of language, as well as the vocal processes involved in sound emission, thereby extending the concept of poem to that of musical composition, usually associated with performative manifestations and live actions, but also produced either by audio recordings or by the visual representation of the score. (Also known as: Phonetic poetry).


Form of poetry based on the grammatical and communicative possibilities of the language of video, where the sign is iconized in a spatio-temporal action, articulating expressive elements such as the autonomous movement of shapes and colors, the integration of sound, and the interrelation space/time.

Visual Poetry

Form of poetry based on the dissolution of the boundaries between visual and literary genres, in which the poem becomes a hybrid and intermedia entity, thereby overcoming the exclusive use of verbal and typographic elements, which are placed in dynamic interaction with visual elements.


EXperimental POetry – Term proposed by  E. M. de Melo e Castro to contextualize the activities of Portuguese authors connected to visual, sound and concrete poetry from the 1960s to the 1980s.


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Abílio-José Santosbiography and works | references

Álvaro Netobiography and works | references

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Álvaro Seiçabiography and works | references

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André Sierbiography and works | references

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Authors who are mentioned in texts from this Archive and authors who have written about Portuguese Experimental Poetry for this archive.

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Adriano Spatola | Adelaide Ginga | Alberto Pimenta | Alexandre O’Neill | Álvaro Lapa | António Areal | António Ramos Rosa | António Sena | Arnaldo Antunes | Augusto de Campos | Camões | Clarice Lispector | Décio Pignatari | Edgard Braga | Ernesto de Sousa | Erthos Albino de Souza | Eurico Gonçalves | Fernando Nabais | Fernando Pessoa | Florbela Espanca | Herberto Helder | James Joyce | Joan Brossa | Joaquim António da Silva | João Vieira | Jorge Lima Barreto | Jorge Luis Borges | Jorge Pinheiro | Manoel Barbosa | Maria Teresa Horta | Mário Cesariny | Nuno Júdice | Pedro Xisto | Raul Brandão | Stuart Moulthrop | Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

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Abílio Cavalheiro | Adriano Gabriel Buzello |Adriano Spatola | Agustín Pérez Rubio | Albano Martins | Alberto Carneiro | Alberto da Costa e Silva | Albuquerque Mendes | Alexandra Antunes | Alexandre O’Neill | Alex Bodea | Almeida e Sousa | Amador Ribeiro Neto | Ana Branca | Ana Cristina Joaquim | Ana Gago | Ana Isabel Moniz | Ana Luísa Amaral | Ana Luísa Barão | Ana Maria Machado | Ana Marques Gastão | Ana Paixão | Ana Sousa Dias | Anabela Galhardo Couto | Anabela Garcia | André Luiz do Amaral | Andreia NogueiraAndrew Brenza | Angela Guida | Ângelo de Lima | Antonio Abernú | António Barahona da Fonseca | António Carlos Cortez | António Carlos ValenteAntonio Fournier | Antonio Gómez | António Luís Catarino | António Olaio | António Pedro Pita | António Preto | António Ramos Rosa | Antonio Simplício de Almeida Neto | Arlete dos Santos Petry | Arnaldo Saraiva | Audrei de Carvalho | Augusta Vilalobos | Augusto Canedo | Azevedo Machado | Bárbara Mesquita | Beatriz Serrão | Bruna Valter | Carla Teixeira | Carlos Amaral | Carlos Barroso | Carlos Francisco de Morais | Carlos Martins | Carlos Mendes de Sousa | Carlos Nogueira | Carolina Anglada de Rezende | Carolina Martins | Caroline Silva | Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso | Catherine Dumas | Celeste Cerqueira | Cidália Fachada | Chris Turnbull | Clara Almeida Santos | Cláudia Madeira | Cláudio Fajardo | Cláudio Teixeira | Craig Hill | C. T. Funkhouser | Cristiano de Sales | Cristina Marques | Cynthia Neves | Dalila Milheiro | Daniela Côrtes Maduro | Daniele Giampà | Danilo Bueno | Débora Cristina Santos e Silva | Diana Pimentel | Diogo Gomes | Dom Sylvester Houédard | Duarte Faria | Edgar Franco | Edgard Braga | Eduarda Mota | Eduardo Paz Barroso | Edwar de Alencar Castelo Branco | Egídio Álvaro | Elaine Cristina Duarte | Elisa Gomes da Costa | Elisabete Marques | Elsa Simões | Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta | Emilio Villa | Enzo Minarelli | Eric Eroi Messa | Ernesto de Sousa | Estela Rodrigues | Eunice Gonçalves Duarte | Eunice Ribeiro | Eurico Gonçalves | Fábio Fernandes | Fábio Oliveira Nunes | Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri | Fátima Pitta Dionísio | Feliciano de Mira | Fernanda Bonacho | Fernanda Martins | Fernando Dias | Fernando Galrito | Fernando Guimarães | Fernando J. B. Martinho | Fernando Matos Oliveira | Fernando Nabais | Fernando Paulouro | Fernando Ramalho | Flaviano Maciel Vieira | Francisca Ramalho | Franklin Larrubia Valverde | Friedrich W. Block | Geovanna Marcela GuimarãesGerard Barbot | Giancarlo Cavallo | Gilberto Gouveia | Gilda Santos | Gillo Dorfles | Giovanna di Rosario | Guilherme Paoliello | Guillermo Deisler | Hans-Jorgen Nielsen | Haroldo de Campos | Heduardo Kiesse | Helena A. M. Pereira | Helena Rebelo | Helena Santana | Henri Chopin | Herberto Helder | Horácio Costa | Hugo Barreira | Hugo Oliveira | Ian Hamilton Finlay | Ilda Teresa de Castro | Ilídio Ribeiro | Inês Cardoso | Isabel AlmeidaIsabel Camarinha | Isabel Duarte | Izabela Leal | Isabel Maria Dos | Isabel Monteiro | Isabel Nogueira | Isabel Pires | Isabel Santa Clara | Irina Bajini | Jaime Isidoro | Jasmin Wrobel | Jean-François Robic | Jelena Novak | Johanna Drucker | João Barrento | João Fernandes | João Madureira | João Mendes Ribeiro | João Rui de Sousa | João Santa Cruz | João Silvério | João Sousa Cardoso | João Urbano | João Vieira | Joëlle Ghazarian | John Byrum | Jorge Bacelar | Jorge Leandro Rosa | Jorge Listopad | Jorge Luiz Antonio | Jorge Pais de Sousa | Jorge Peixinho | José Alberto Ferreira | José Augusto-França | José Augusto Mourão | José Blanc de Portugal | José Carlos Seabra Pereira | José de Sainz-Trueva | José Luiz Valero Figueiredo | José Manuel Esteves | José Manuel Torres | José Martins Garcia | José Neves | José Tolentino MendonçaJosé Viale Moutinho | Joseph M. Figueres | Julia Klien | Juliana Pinho | Julio Campal | Júlio Pinto | Jürgen O. Olbrich | Karla Sachse | Kátia Caroline de Matia | Laís Corrêa de Araujo | Laura Castro | Leonor Martins Coelho | Leopoldino Serrão | Lígia Bernardino | Lourdes Castro | Lúcia Liberato Evangelista | Luciana Beatriz Chagas | Lucilo Antônio Rodrigues | Luís Adriano Carlos | Luís Alves de Matos | Luís Aly | Luís de Camões | Luís Carlos Petry | Luís Carlos S. 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