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OPEN YOUR BOOK!, risograph on paper, hand-bound on both sides, softcover, 10.5 x 14.8 cm, 50 pp., Team Trident Press, Manchester, UK, Oct. 2022, edition of 50 copies, concept: Bruno Neiva, design: Lisa Lorenz

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Don’t judge a book by its pages!

Taking the cue from colouring books for adults and their therapeutic properties, OPEN YOUR BOOK! is an unopened book with uncut, blank pages, especially designed for you to relax, with ease of use and effectiveness guaranteed. Whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious, all you need to do to pull yourself back together is rip open a few pages with your bare hands.

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[We thank Bruno Neiva for the authorization that allowed these images to be made available in the PO.EX Digital Archive]