solil​ó​quio vazio

Alfredo Costa Monteiro, solil​ó​quio vazio

Visual poem + sound poem by Alfredo Costa Monteiro. [Description. Images. Sound. Links]

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Author: Alfredo Costa Monteiro | Title: solil​ó​quio vazio | Date: January 13, 2023 | Publisher: mont efímer (me_03)

solilóquio vazio is a visual poem in portuguese printed on 20 A3 stripes. it is a deliberation about emptiness and void with their metaphysical divergences, and also about the possibility to write about the impossible, constrained by language. the sound version is a deconstruction of the text, for voice.

text : composed in 2015.
sound : composed and recorded in 2022.
size: 13,5 x 14 x 4
30 copies limited edition numbered and signed
the visual poem comes with a free download code for the sound version

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Photos courtesy of Alfredo Costa Monteiro.

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