Machines of Disquiet

Textual and visual experiments by Luís Lucas Pereira using the Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa as a modular textual database for a series of applications that engage digital modalities. [Description. Images. Videos. Links]

Author: Luís Lucas Pereira | Research team: Luís Lucas Pereira, Manuel Portela, Licínio Roque | Translation: Manuel Portela | Link:

Description by the author > Machines of Disquiet are a series of experiments about the manipulation of media materialities and textual forms that explore the free play of signifiers. They use the Book of Disquiet as a modular textual database for a series of applications that engage digital modalities (text, image, sound, animation) and interactions through programmed permutations at different scales (from letter to word to sentence). When considered as a game experiment, the Machines of Disquiet allow us to define contexts for participation that model gameplay as a range of interactions with digital objects. When considered as a textual experiment, the Machines of Disquiet are about the disquiet of experience and imagination, and about the possibility of purely aesthetic enjoyment and the creation of meaning. We are interested, above all, in the expansion of the field of possibilities that digital media allow, enhanced by previous methods. In the expansion of that field of possibilities, we are particularly interested in testing the generation of new perceptual spaces, such as when a drawing is situated between an abstraction and a letter, or when an image gets a new reading resulting from a random description, or when a sound becomes a concept, or when a textual operation highlights the cognitive nature of reading. Machines of Disquiet instantiate the simulation rationale of the LdoD Archive []. As an instance of the author- function in the LdoD Archive, the Machines of Disquiet contribute to opening up the textual experience of the Book of Disquiet to acts of writing and rewriting.

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