Livro de Bruno Neiva, 24 páginas em impressão a preto-e-branco e encadernação com agrafos. [Descrição e capa. Blurbs de outros autores]

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Dough capadough contra-capa

Descrição > Autor: Bruno Neiva | Título: Dough | Local de Publicação: Liverpool, Reino Unido | Editora: erbacce press | Data: Agosto, 2014 | Site:

Descrição física > livro | 24 páginas | impressão a preto-e-branco | encadernação com agrafos | dimensões: 14,5 x 21 cm | idioma: Inglês

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  • Paul Hawkins, autor de Claremont Road e Contumacy. Co-editor da revista Boscombe Revolution: “neiva peels back the dressing that barely covers recent lacerations into the human condition, unwinds the bandages of real time through place, space and memory variants. Dough scopes out the pinch and prick of capitalism; the taste of barrio-dissent in the face of euro meltdown and realpolitik bullshit. This is vital dissent.”
  • SJ Fowler, autor de Red Museum, Fights e The Rottweiler’s guide to the Dog Owner. Editor da secção de poesia da e-zine 3:AM Magazine. Curador do projecto Enemies: “The minimisation of structure mushrooms the crown crush of these poetical asides by the singular Portuguese avant gardist bruno neiva. The murderous accuracy that laser guiding systems clearly possess, but are not trained to employ, emanates from this taut, surgical work. It is a satire, a corrosive against double speak & offalous officialdom, with all the intensity of a brilliant visual poet taking to a more lyrical lingual poesis.”
  • Tom Jenks, autor de Streak ArtefactsCrabtree e On Liberty, Repressed. Editor da publicação de objectos avant-garde ZimZalla: “bruno neiva’s terse, oblique communiques are dispatches from the fringes of meaning. Fractured and fissiparous, they could be messages in a bottle or marginal notes from a nonexistent meeting. At once transparent and gnomic, these poems gather the particles of language all around us and assemble them into temporary structures that could stand for a thousand years. neiva’s work reminds us that the text is never the sum of its parts and that inside every secret room there is another secret room.”
  • De Villo Sloan no blog Minxus Lynxus, EUA, Incompleteness and Duplicitous Reality Constructs: A Review of “Dough” by Bruno Neiva
  • Bill Allegrezza, no blog p-ramblings, EUA >