.txt é uma performance com paisagens sonoras interactivas, composição visual e coreografia em tempo real, concebida e desenvolvida por Fernando Galrito, Fernando Nabais e Stephan Jürgens. [Vídeos. Texto. Imagens. Links]

Description > .txt is an interactive performance work, mediated by several sensorial technologies, that explores contemporary transversal forms of artistic languages. The result is the creation of a unique vocabulary articulated physically, through interactive soundscapes, visual composition and real time choreography; an array of artistic expressions that support the dramaturgic intention. [Multimedia National Prize 2010, Art and Culture).

Team >

  • Original Concept: Fernando Nabais
  • Authorship and Artistic Direction: Fernando Galrito, Fernando Nabais, Stephan Jürgens
  • Choreography: Stephan Jürgens
  • Sound Design: Fernando Nabais
  • Visual Dramaturgy: Fernando Galrito
  • Performer: Pedro Ramos
  • Technological Project Management: Fernando Nabais
  • Creative Software Development: André Almeida, Gonçalo Lopes, João Frazão
  • Typography and Design: António Gomes (Barbara says… Design)
  • Photography: Filipe Dâmaso Saraiva
  • Costume Design: Paula Farraia
  • Props: Chloé Maxi
  • Producer: Sandra Carneiro

Partners >

  • Production: TRIAXIS, Lda
  • Project funded by: Dgartes [dgartes.pt] | Ministério da Cultura [min-cultura.pt]
  • Sponsorship: YDreams [ydreams.com]
  • Support: Faculdade de Motricidade Humana [fmh.utl.pt] | Federação Portuguesa de Esgrima [fpe.pt] | Restart [restart.pt]
  • Partnerships: ExperimentaDesign [experimentadesign.pt] CPAI/Fábrica da Pólvora [artesideias.fabricadapolvora.googlepages.com] | Museu do Oriente [museudooriente.pt] | MonstraFestival [monstrafestival.com] | Teatro Maria Matos [teatromariamatos.egeac.pt] | TeDance [tedance.com]


.txt promo >

Uploaded on Sep 14, 2008 [digital performance. words mapped to particle systems assume different behaviors along the narrative concept of the performance. Ranging from passivity at being discovered, to flocking nervous behavior, to inseminate and replace the performer´s body and finally coexistence by orbiting around him in a symbiotic relationship.]

.txt rehearsal as seen from the computer >

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2008

.txt trailer >

Uploaded on Mar 2, 2008

.txt interactive digital performance >

This short video excerpt is from the opening night of .txt at the Museu do Oriente integrated in the ExperimentaDesign biennial 2009.

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#6 >

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#5 >

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#4 >

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#3 >

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#2 >

.txt interactive digital performance – excerpt#1 >

Imagens [Photos by Filipe Dâmaso Saraiva]

Museu do Oriente, 2009 | under EXD’o9/Parallel Events >

Teatro Maria Matos, 2007 | under MonstraFestival >

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