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Descrição > Autor: bruno neiva | Título: averbaldraftsone&otherstories | Local de Publicação: Newton-les-Willows, Merseyside, Reino Unido | Editora: Knives Forks and Spoons Press | Data: Novembro, 2013 | ISBN: 978-1-909-44324-2 | Site:

Descrição física > livro | 63 páginas | impressão a cores | encadernação a quente | dimensões: 14,8 x 21 cm | idiomas: Inglês e Português

Sinopse > This text-art book is divided into two parts. The first part, “averbaldraftsone,” is comprised of some of the pieces that were exhibited in Spain in 2011 in a project called “asemicdraftsone.” The shift from  “asemic” to “averbal” has come from a distancing from the poetics (and tastes) of the so-called “asemic group.” The second part, “&otherstories” is a compilation of pieces that were published in magazines, e-zines and catalogues in the past 2 years. The common ground for this small format, text-based, self-reflexive body of work is the constrained usage of mixed media. The sculptural features of the found materials/items are merged with fragmented typography, calligraphy, drawings and the occasional presence of key words. If this book had a subtitle, it could possibly be “from the studio to the warehouse.”