We cordially invite you to the launch of the exhibition Text-->slovo-->litera/ Namátková antologie ("Text-->Word-->Letter/ An Ad-lib Anthology") that is going to take place next Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 6 pm in the gallery Projektplus (http://www.projektplus.name/), Holešovice railway station, Prague, Czech Republic.

Taking advantage of the unusual and attractive medium of a row of former train timetable boxes with revolving cylinders inside, surrounded by the bustle of everyday life, hurrying passengers and the local homeless community, the exhibition features a selection of contemporary authors working with text in a broad sense--including other media--and traces their different approaches to the visual, physical and social parameters of the text and its specific location.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Czech magazine for contemporary poetry Psí víno (http://www.psivino.cz).


Text-slovo-litera pozvanka

Artists: Álvaro Seiça (PT), Max Höfler (AT), Ian Mikyska (CZ), Pavel Novotný (CZ), Vera Sebert (AT) | Curators: Veronika Resslová and Olga Pek | Graphic design: Anastasia Vrublevská.