From the CFP: "Electronic literature is trans-temporal. It has an untold history. Multiple diachronic and genealogical perspectives on electronic literature, providing room for comparative studies; Untold archeologies and commerces between electronic literature and other expressive and material practices; Intermedia and ergodicity in Baroque poetry, futurism and dada; concretism, Videopoetry and Fluxus; Videoart and soundart; and how these expressive forms are recreated and transcoded in digital forms of literature; Early experiments in generative and combinatory literature; Performances mapping the aesthetic and material antecedents of electronic literature; Attention to remixing/re-coding of previous materials from the avant-gardes."

Exhibit Affiliations - Remix and Intervene: Computing Sound and Visual Poetry @ Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão, curated by Álvaro Seiça and Daniela Côrtes Maduro

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Affiliations: Remix+Intervene ~Poetry/Dada/Sound/Cut-Up

Tristan Tzara, To Make a Dadaist Poem, 1920 -

Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate, 1922-1932 -

Matti Niinimäki [Brion Gysin & William Burroughs], Cut-Ups, 1959/2009


António Aragão, poesia encontrada, 1964 -

Jaap Blonk, Der Minister I & Der Minister II, 1985 -

Jaap Blonk & Golan Levin [Kurt Schwitters], Ursonography, 2005 -

Antje Vowinckel, Call Me Yesterday, 2005 -

Claire Donato, Material Studies, 2016-2017

Affiliations: Remix+Intervene ~Poetry/Baroque/Concrete/Visual/Kinetic

Matej Gažúr, Decagrammaton, 1649

Zuzana Husárová & Ľubomír Panák, Obvia Gaude, 2013 -

Various Authors, Portuguese Baroque Poetry, 17th/18th century -

E. M. de Melo e Castro, Pêndulo & Tontura, 1962 -

Hansjörg Mayer, Alphabetenquadratbuch, 1965

María Mencía, Generative Poems (activated by sound), 2008- -

Ana Hatherly, Alfabeto Estrutural, 1967 -

Ana Hatherly, A Reinvenção da Leitura, 1975 -

Katarzyna Giełżyńska, C()n Du it, 2012 -

Affiliations: Remix+Intervene ~Poetry/Remix/MashUp/Intervention

Felipe Cussen, Letter Singles (remix), 2015 -

Jörg Piringer, Letter Singles, 2015 -

Danny Snelson [Rosmarie Waldrop], Feverish Propagations, 2009 -

Ian Hatcher, Prosthesis, 2016 -

Ian Hatcher, The All-New, 2015 -

Américo Rodrigues, Visão Visual Vocal, “Sem Título [Tontura]”, 2006 -

Jazra Khaleed, Timos Alexandropoulos & Antonis Kalagkatsis, Poetry is Just Words in the Wrong Order, 2015


Jhave, MUPs, 2012/17 -